I saved the best for last.

This semester has really helped me appreciate bloggers. I’ve learned that one voice really can make a difference if that one voice has enough time and dedication to make it heard. I didn’t try as hard as I could to get my blog out there, which is why I’m really surprised that I get attention on this website. I’ve learned that no matter what you blog about, whether it’s cats with sweaters or rims for sports cars, there are people out there that will want to read what you have to say.

One of the tools that I think was effective was embedding a YouTube video into my post. People can get bored of reading and just want to listen to what someone has to say, so YouTube or any kind of video has that attraction point that brings in that sort of audience. I got more likes on my YouTube post rather than my normal text and picture posts. I would like to improve my following of people, which is zero on here. I would to learn how to build a following, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it, because this is my first blog. The experience of making a blog will definitely benefit me in the future, because it is a way of, like I said, getting your voice heard. It’s building your personal brand, getting your name out there in the field that you want to pursue and want people to know you for. In the future, I want to be an anchor woman on a big news channel. In order to get there, I have to work my way up by becoming a reporter first. Blogs are a perfect way for reporters to get their names out there and prove that their content is news-worthy. With all the tags that a blogger can use, it’s easy to say that the blog will land in unexpected hands; it’s a way of getting yourself out there.

Now that I summarized my blog experience, I want to share with you the last country I want to visit, which happens to be the country I want to visit the most. New Zealand. How could you not want to go? I know it’s half way around the world, and costs tons of money to get there, but if I’m really lucky, I’d love to have my wedding there. I don’t know what attracts me the most about the country; the landscape or the men. Y’all have heard enough of my chit-chat! I’ll leave you with a peaceful post with minimal explanation of why I want to travel to New Zealand, and I’ll just post pictures that will make you want to go there. Thanks for reading!



This link tells you about all of your traveling needs.



Idyllic India

What comes to your mind whenever you hear about India? For me, it’s how they dress, how they talk, the music they listen to and the crazy amount of people that are living there. The experience would most likely be overwhelming, but traveling to India is an experience that I would jump at. How do so many people live so close together and not have a massive civil war breaking out? I feel like Indians hold a secret to living that we should all listen to. I’ve created a slideshow that entails many sights of India that are definitely worth looking at.

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The link below will take you to a website that has everything you would need to know about traveling to India.


Sinterklaas Christmas!

Although it may have a sketchy reputation, Amsterdam is a place that I would be overjoyed to travel to. It’s the capital of the Netherlands and is known as Venice of the North. With all of its beautiful architecture and amenity-filled streets, there’s a little something for every traveler who visits.

Since it “’tis the season”, in the picture above is a Christmas-themed market held in Amsterdam. It’s one of the best Christmas market in the Netherlands and Germany, and is a place anyone can get their last minute goodies for loved ones, and also have fun and enjoy the festivities while you are at it. The next dates are for the ever-popular Funky Xmas Market are December 22-23 at Leidseplein and Koningsplein. If this is not the market for you, even though it’s so beautiful, here is a link that lists other great Christmas markets in the Netherlands area.


Just to show the cultural differences, this is Santa Claus Amsterdam style: Sinterklaas. His outfit is completely different from the American Santa, and he even rides a horse instead of guiding a slay of reindeer. It’s always fun to see the differences in story telling among countries.

South Africa Storify!

Ever since I saw America’s Next Top Model whenever they went to South Africa in 2005, I have always wanted to visit. I learned that it’s not the most technologically advanced country, but it is very beautiful country with mesmerizing views. For example, Cape Town was rated the third most beautiful places in the world according to the Daily Hungama.

I used a Storify to compile a few main ideas of what is going on today. Since today was the day their president, Nelson Mandella, passed, it is mostly a tribute to him. I think we all can appreciate the change and influence he has given to our society today.

My South Africa Storify


Italy! Of course this country is a place I wish to travel to one day. Who wouldn’t want to visit cities that are sinking?! And even though some are considered to be sinking, they’re still gorgeous and have amazing food. In fact, the food is so good that one of my friends studied abroad there for a summer and gained about twenty pounds. I don’t think I would be able to resist, either, given the opportunity!

Another friend of mine, Alex, has family in Italy, was born there and frequently visit and “vacays” there. In all my envy, I interviewed her asking some questions that sparked my imagination about this glorious country.

If you click on the link below, it will take you to a page that lists 62 facts about Italy. I found some of them very interesting and appealing for anyone who may consider traveling there.


Mobile App Idea

Knowing what to wear before you take a trip is always a huge issue, and takes a very long time to figure out personally. I never know what exactly I should wear to the location I’m visiting. I usually judge is by the activities I will be engaging while there, but sometimes the location you are visiting is nothing like what home is. To help with this trying issue, I have an idea for an application that informs the user what to wear depending on where they are going. Not only does it say what you should wear depending on the season, but it also informs the fashionable of what trends are “in” at the time. My app is called Travel Trends, and I believe that many up-to-date people would find it useful.

Here is a preview of the home page of the app when it is first opened. There are a few images shown on the home page the you can access directly, but you can also search other destinations throughout the app.


This next image shows the second step of Travel Trend’s process: telling the app your destination. After you specify the location you will be visiting, Travel Trends asks your gender, your age, and also asks what month of the year your traveling is. There it will lead you to some specific styles that are associated with the season, and also basic styles that anyone can pull off.



Greece. What more do I need to say?! You get to smash plates and not get in trouble at restaurants, you get to experience beautiful blue-water beaches, some are even nudes, and you even get the amazing Greek food! Who doesn’t like hummus? Although their economical stance is not the best in the world, there are still many breath-taking sights that must be experienced by the human eye.

One of the most well-known attractions located in Athens, Greece is the Panathenaic stadium. This stadium held the world’s first modernized Olympic games in 1896 that we still practice to this day. The stadium was built in 330-329 BC and has been updated and excavated many times since then. It is said to hold 50,000 people and is in the shape of a horseshoe.

Not only does Greece have some amazing attractive tourist locations, it also has a keen sense of fashion. The fashion is quite similar to how we dress here in the US. Here is a suggested outfit from another travel blog.

Obviously, the camera is not pertinent to the whole outfit, but who wouldn’t want to take a ton of pictures of gorgeous Greece?!

The Kardashians recently took a trip to Greece. Although I know many people are not fans of this drama-full and attention-hungry family, but you have to admit that some of the girls have amazing fashion sense. For example, Kourtney inspires me a lot by her different looks. (I really want her bangs!) The family spent a lot of time out enjoying the sea while they were there on their fancy yacht, which made me want to visit the beautiful waters even more. Their episodes of their trip helped me see that Greece really is a place I would like to visit, disregarding all of the petty family drama. Here is a picture of Kourtney and Kim’s fashion during a part of the trip.



This link will take you to a travel website that can tell you many more things to do whilst in Greece.


Sushi, kimonos, saki, cherry blossoms, sumo wrestlers, HelloKitty and origami are all things that we Americans are familiar with from the next country I have chosen!

Japan is a beautiful country jam packed with culture, history and, or course, people! The main reason I want to visit there is because the amazing infrastructure and the beautiful city of Tokyo.

Japan’s population in 2012 accumulated to 127.6 million people. This isn’t very far behind Russia’s 143.5 million, which is saying a lot when you compare their sizes. Since Japan’s population density is so high and there isn’t much land to support these peoples, they had to start building up instead of out. A perfect example of this “building up” trend are the capsule hotels. Unlike what we’re used to, capsule hotels are narrow coffin-like “rooms” that are there for the sole purpose of the guest’s sleep. Some capsule hotels do include Wifi and cable tv, but it is definitely not an extravagant experience. The chambers are vertically stacked, and are relatively cheap. They are designed for people who may be down on their luck and need a bed to crash on. I would possibly like to experience a capsule hotel for maybe one night, but I feel like after too long, my claustrophobia would get to me.

This link will show you an article from the New York Times describing one of the reporter’s stay at the Capsule Ryokan


There’s No Place Like London!

For my first post,  I would like to include London, England as a desired place to travel.

So conveniently, London’s Fashion Weekend happens to be taking place this weekend (September 19-22). It is located at the Somerset House with designers such as Ella Moss, Tessa Metcalfe and Joseph. Being a firm believer in fashion, this event would be on the top of my list whilst visiting this weekend. There are runway shows, pop-up shops and hair and beauty panels. This is only one attraction that London has to offer.

When looking for a place to stay in London, one of the five-star choices that would lavish you with the utmost comfort would be the Langham Hotel London on Marylebone Road. Although this is not for a tight budget, many people are attracted to this hotel to its many amenities and luxurious treatment. Angelina Jolie has been spotted staying in this hotel, because she loves the kid-friendly environment, which tells you it is for pristine taste. Colin Farill West End shopping is nearby this location, which is another attraction that keeps tourists coming back.

Of course there are many more attractions in London such at the London Eye (which is a giant wheel with capsules that fit up to 25 people in each), numeral museums that contain much of London’s history, and the tower of London. This is just one of the many places I plan on traveling in my lifetime. The site below includes some of these attractions.



Living outside of a big city and always wondering how complex they can be has always fascinated me. My father owns a small business in which he is the main operator of, meaning zero vacation time for our family. I’ll admit, we went to Disney World when I was about seven and took numerous trips to their home town, New Orleans, to see the family, but I haven’t been anywhere outside the United States. I was lucky to go to New York and California my junior year in high school, because I was in organizations that took me there, but getting a taste of travel that way has only made me want more. Image

I hope to explore, quite literally, some of the parts of the world that I will be including throughout this semester. I will be listing areas that I would like to travel to, popular destinations based on major websites, and even mentioning the culture of which cities/countries I tap on. I hope by bringing my passion to this page, it will become contagious to the reader and also cause them to feel like traveling is something they need to accomplish in their life.Image

To help carry this out, I will be using videos from YouTube, locations from Google Maps, pictures from Google and other websites, facts from various travel websites and also some widgets provided by WordPress. By showing my readers how appealing traveling can be, I hope this will attract a covetous audience. I also hope to unveil an element of how beautiful our world is, regardless of how scary and dirty the media can make it seem. Most likely, I will have to put more than one destination per post, because there are just too many places I want to go to fit in only ten posts.


A link that I would like to include mentions seventeen reasons to travel.